Постов с тегом 3rd team appreciation: 7


I can’t lie. I’m just a sucker for shots like this, where he seems to be comforting her when she’s so clearly disappointed. (Brace yourselves, it’s a feelings post! Ignore, delete, tl;dr etc.)

Maybe I’m really just a sucker for those “almost” skaters, the ones who just want it too much. But Weaver/Poje provide a great narrative. They’ve missed out on so much, like the Olympics or a national title (whether you agree with those results is beside the point), but they use that disappointment as motivation to come back BETTER. They’ve improved so much since they first started skating together. They went from finishing 20th then 17th at Worlds, to missing the team two years in a row, to finishing 5th. Sometimes they’re a heartbreaking disaster, and sometimes they’re so. close. that it’s even worse. But they don’t give up. They may still make those agonizing mistakes sometimes, but they also have moments of brilliance that prove they belong among the top teams. And while I always enjoy watching them, all of this really makes them a compelling team to follow, as overly sentimental as that is.


aaaah, this was one of her best performances. and my favorite program of hers.

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Because we all need a little sassy Ryan O’Meara in our lives.

Sassy Ryan is always relevant.

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Upon uploading, the middle began to somewhat resemble a Canadian flag to me. I apologize for very unintentionally channeling my inner CBC if you happen to see it.