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Happy Birthday Michelle Kwan!

When you raise your arms at the end of Aranjuez, I jump to my feet in applause too.


Michelle Kwan will be inducted into the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame at 2012 Nationals in San Jose, the same city where she won her first of nine national titles.

Congratulations Michelle, you’re my hero. The reason why I’m way too invested in watching figure skating. (You’re everything, really.) I can’t believe I get to be there to see this. I’ll wear mascara so you can see whether or not I’ve been crying. Or sobbing hysterically, more accurately.


Happy 31st Birthday, Michelle. You’re forever my hero. 90%* of my tumblr posts wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for you. That is all.

* rough estimate (aka an arbitrary high percentage) of the amount of my posts that are skating related.


Michelle Kwan | 2002 Olympics Exhibition - "Fields of Gold"

finally making good on the michelle gifs i promised. :o

This exact moment is one of my favorite pieces of choreography ever, if not my favorite. It just fits so perfectly, with purpose and sense of the music. It’s special. It’s inspired. In my best Queen Sandra Bezic voice, “TO SKATE LIKE THAT IN A MOMENT LIKE THIS.”

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Lu Chen | 1998 Olympics Free Skate and Medal Ceremony
Lulu’s face or Gwendal’s hair | asked by fuckyeahfeelingamazing

1) I just posted Gwendal.

2) How could I not pick Lulu.


But Gwendal’s hair does deserve recognition for its greatness, so