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Team Italy slaying the 2014 season, requested by eris27

Stefania Berton & Ondrej Hotarek | 2013 Skate Canada Champions
Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte | 2014 European and World Champions
Carolina Kostner | 2014 Olympic Bronze Medalist and Actual Angel from Heaven

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omg I feel so important

you’re always important

eris27: robin.

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bless robin and everything that he is.

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ooooh i’m feeling way too much pressure to pretend i’m interesting now!!!!

  1. my dream high five is the group high five from Saved By The Bell when they save Bayside from the oil company.
  2. i like more of nikolai morozov’s work than is socially acceptable, i am 95% sure.
  3. i legitimately enjoyed Ringer and am still sad it was canceled.
  4. i hate mustard.
  5. i don’t own a pair of red heart sunglasses and this haunts me so somebody should send me one, even though i can’t wear sunglasses because i can’t see without my regular glasses.

i’m just tagging people because going to everyone’s inboxes is hard. if you see this and feel like sharing, have at it!!!

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, iamtheporpoise, magicaleggplant, heltra91, jardinaquatique, konguloarkonan, ???? i can’t count to ten it’s late the dodgers lost i still haven’t watched this week’s mindy project life is hard


eris27 replied to your post “your new icon is perf”

awww the gif. is it from some your photoset? if so, then i missed it :(

no you didn’t miss it, i never posted it before /o\


Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte + close-ups (eris27)

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Kanako Murakami + silhouettes (requested by eris27)

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Faceless + Pechalat/Bourzat (requested by eris27)

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