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So I realized this was clearly a very popular form of skating valentines for obvious punny and hilarious reasons, and was like, BUT what if my Valentine’s Day post was of Patrick NOT falling while everyone looks at me in bewilderment and confusion.

And then I decided to make a gif valentine to get the full effect of him not falling? and then forgot about it for 3 hours??? and then when i came back to it, I realized I put way too much effort into this silly post and I just kept making it and now I have to post it so that it wouldn’t all be for naught. even though valentine’s day is now over. omg.

hahaha I suck.

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Team USA | Big Damn Heroes

I am so sorry that this exists. This really only happened because of one offhand comment where I called Charlie Captain America during World Team Trophy. And also because that picture of Meryl exists.

For clarification: Charlie = Captain America. Meryl = crazy person wearing a flag as a cape so your argument is invalid. Ashley = Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Jeremy = Spike (IDK. it’s the light hair). Ross = Coulson (IDEFK. really.)