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The Best of Dick and Sandra
» On falling in ice dance, as demonstrated by Usova/Zhulin in the Free Dance at 1992 Worlds.

Dick: Oh no!
Sandra: This never happens in ice dancing!
Dick: How costly? Is this a loss of a medal we’re talking about?
Sandra: Well, as long as the fall doesn’t affect the rest of the performance, we’re probably talking about a tenth of a point.
Dick: A tenth of a point for a fall in ice dancing, where no one ever falls?


Dick: And the marks for technical merit - you’re right, Sandra. The judges didn’t penalize them severely for that fall.
Sandra: The judges are influenced by the way they skate the entire year, not just this performance.
Dick: You mean they pre-judge the ice dancing before they actually perform, so even if you fall, it doesn’t matter?

I am attempting to do a series of my favorite (hilarious, awkwardly staged, actually interesting, etc.) commentary moments featuring Dick and/or Sandra. The views of Dick and Sandra do not necessarily reflect my own opinions. Even my fave skaters are not safe from them.