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Buster so looks so disheartened about the child’s HR

gerald reactions make the world go round

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Baseball is nearly dead to me anyway after tonight’s showings


(i mean, i really meant for my own sake, but it sounds nicer if i say it’s for other people.)

jukeboxanderson: Wait nm I think my iPad's pulling a #hatealwayssteph

your ipad just couldn’t handle it


"Avenges his perfect game" you mean that time he barely won by a run?

goddammit justin turner

Now what will you do when Haren/Ryu throw theirs? Since obviously Zack is going to only care about his cats too much to throw one

ahahahaaha. I’ve been thinking about this one okay. When Ryu avenges his perfect game, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3ULhmadHkg

If Haren were to throw one, other than all the lolz, Idk it will probably be like


It’s okay Zack, you’ll hit a 7 run homer and then your cat will bake you more pies.

jukeboxanderson: It's like you knew I was putting that tag on my reblog, didn't you (of course now 22 is stuck in my head GOD JJ WHY DO YOU EVEN)

lmaooooo alwaysssss. #HATEALWAYSJJ.

jukeboxanderson: Screencapping pitchers, Ashley, Mindy Project, batflips, and laughing at GG

jukeboxanderson: Clayton, Zack, Paco, Kenley, the thing with the beard

how dare

  1. donald for his sparkling personality and smile
  2. but clayton is the best
  3. paco/kenley
  4. kenley/paco


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True story…after DWTS tonight I’m pretty sure I ship Mermaks

lmaoooo i’m so here for this, i’m too far gone, he’s so in love with her

jukeboxanderson: Anoop, Zack, Jeremy

marry zack always it would be an experience

jeremy is old and broken i will buy him many drinks

fuck anoop. hatesex tbh and afterwards i will continue to be the bane of his existence.