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Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto | 2007 Skate America OD - Appalachian Hoedown

Happy Fourth of July, my fellow Americans! And to those of you who are not celebrating, Happy Monday! BECAUSE IT’S A TANITH POST! Tanith, natural-born Canadian and five-time U.S. champion (and costume extraordinaire), is a dream, because we can celebrate both Canada Day and July 4 with her.

In a time before the Short Dance existed (I know. Hard to believe the short dance is only in its ripe old age of one year, and going into its second season…), many many many many years ago we had the Original Dance (previously the OSP). The theme of the ancient year in question (2007-08) being Folk/Country dances. So, I ask you. What’s more patriotic than Tanith and Ben’s “Appalachain Hoedown” at Skate America? Nothing, I tell you. NOTHING. It’s a time like this, when I’m tapping my foot to “Cotton-Eyed Joe,” that I realize how much I love being American.

Unfortunately, the Skate America performance is like a mythical creature because there are no videos on Youtube to which I can link. Actually, the program made itself pretty sparse on the internet, which I can only assume is something to be attributed to Tanith’s special brand of sorcery. So here is the ONE SINGLE YOUTUBE VIDEO (from Grand Prix Final) of this specific program of which I am aware. Sadly, by then, Tanith had already done away with the original costumes in her effort to effectively erase any trace of this program’s existence, even while they were still skating it.