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Here’s to creating magic every time you step on the ice. Here’s to your incredible careers. Here’s to the grueling hours you spent practising your routines and to your passion and dedication for this art form. Thank you. You will be missed. 

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Pretty Little Liars 30 days challenge (x)
Day 3 ~ A character you thought you would never like the way you like now

”You can take a look at it if you want. Or you can just wait for the next break in from your circle of friends and relatives.”

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Harvey: The firm has presented an exercise where there’s potential for failure. All I’m saying is, try and create a situation where that’s not even a possibility. Kobayashi Maru.

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Daisuke Takahashi | Skate Canada 2011 [video]

Making fans go whoa since 1986 ♥

Happy birthday Daisuke! :DD

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#a brief summary of this scene: #beckett finally showed castle the true extent of her feelings for him #castle saw it and he realized it and it knocked him speechless #and for the first time beckett didn’t try to backtrack or hide #also her hand is on his neck in that last gif and not on his collar #HELP

Look at the way he starts to forget to smile because he’s so caught up in her smile, and her face, and the undisguised (undisguised! Kate Beckett!) relief and adoration there - oh god. I loved his reaction to Martha cutting in after this - it wasn’t a son going “thanks a lot, mother” as I thought it was at first - it’s him thinking “that wasn’t long enough”. It’s him needing to keep looking and him knowing he’s not going to get this often (not fully) and him needing to catalogue that.

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